Inspired to Go remote

Share the benefits together

The worldwide pandemic showed us what is possible and important. The quality of life became the new measurement for success. Working remotely is a new way to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle. It gives your team the opportunity to expand their horizon and to stay motivated. Leading to a healthier and more productive team. 


Connect like never before

Go Remotical is playing an important role in connecting remote workers with the facilities Canary Islands have to offer. With our local knowledge, local network and personal approach, we are finding the best connections and solutions for your team. And needless to say we make sure your team is fully connected anywhere! Anytime! 


Keep your team Happy & Motivated

The downside of working from home is that lot of employees never get the chance to meet each other in-person anymore, that face-to-face meetings are hardly happening and that networking events only take place online. Team retreats are a perfect way to let your employees reconnect, to grow as a team and simultaneously have a great time. 


Your team, your Remotical 


Build more trust

Enhance Productivity

Our Service Includes

Organising working space

Working space needed? We will help you set you up with a Co-Working or needed equipment!

Remotical Light

Everything included in the Remotical Light service and more!

Organising accommodation

Let us help you find your suitable accommodation.

Pickup service

We arrange your pickup service from and to the airport.

Emergency support

Any emergency? We are 24/7 available for support.


We give you our expertise how to best embed and optimise Go Remotical in your company culture.

How To Bureaucracy

We help you with your questions about taxes, insurance and how to set up your remote office!


We take care of all travel planning and make sure to get your team safely to their new dream location.