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Our Vision:

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Creating a more sustainable way of tourism

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Collaboration with green businesses

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Contributing to recycle waste

When you explore new places, one of the best ways to give back to the local economy is to support local businesses. Want to accelerate the positive impact you have when you explore?

When we were thinking about working remotely from different locations, we were aware of the impact we can have on those particular destinations. Integrating with the locals and enjoying the sustainable facilities the destinations offer we can really make a difference.

Despite the mass tourism, the last few years the Canary Islands are engaging more and more in environmental protection, focusing on sustainable development. We love it and we want to contribute.  With Go Remotical we adopt a sustainable lifestyle, find sustainable experiences, accommodations and local initiatives to preserve our amazing destinations for future generations to come.

What is sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism (or responsible tourism) is the tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities[1]. Responsible tourism maximizes the benefits to local communities, minimizes negative social or environmental impacts, and helps local people conserve fragile cultures and habitats or species. To achieve Sustainable tourism, we need to act like responsible tourism.


Why is 'sustainable tourism' the future

Sustainable tourism is not focussed on scaring off tourists and discouraging tourist developments in areas of natural beauty. The idea is to focus on what we can do so that tourism has a positive impact on the local community and surrounding areas. The future is green and we believe that with the growing awareness amongst people, who share the same desire to have a positive impact in the communities where they live and work, sustainable tourism should slowly become the norm.

Boost the environment

Together with you we aim for a responsible environmental friendly experience. We focus to collaborate with green business, participating in responsible practices and supporting innovative projects.

Give back to local communities

We inspire local businesses and supporting local projects. Collaborating with local companies that perform responsible activities that fits our vision.