Cost of Living – Comparison Cologne and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


The Canary Islands are the up-and-coming region in Europe for remote workers. With its exceptional climate and location in front of Africa, you are able to experience a piece of Spain combined with the hot climate of Morocco. But how are the costs of living in a touristic destination like the Canary Islands and is […]

Will WFA (working-from-anywhere) be the future standard?

The Unknown It’s the end of 2021, the world upside down, Covid as a heavy cloud still constrains humanity. Uncertainty teasing us every day. When is life going to get back to normal? Or is the worst yet to come? We don’t have those answers, but what we do know, is that the world has significantly […]

How does work from home affect the work-life-balance of employees?

The change In the last two years the biggest change in the work life of many people was the switch from work in an office to work from home. Companies were forced worldwide to send their employees home and developed a flexible remote work policy. But how does this change affect employees and their Work-Life-Balance? And […]

Interview with Remotical Stefan

Remote - Remotical Stefan

Stefan can you tell us a little bit about yourself?My Name is Stefan Hartmann, I’m 30 years old. I’m from Passau, located in the Bavarian state of Germany. I studied Technical and Mechanical Engineering. Since February this year I’m working remotely from Fuerteventura. The main reason why I came to Fuerteventura is to enjoy kitesurfing […]

A Day In Life Of A Remotical

Remote - work outdoors

The take-offOctober 2020, I asked my boss, if it is okay to stay for the rest of the year on the Canary Islands to work from there. “As long as you are reachable and deliver the same quality of work, I don’t care where you open your laptop in the morning!”, he said. Two weeks […]